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Almost 4 weeks Gastric band , Questions

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I did my surgery 4 weeks back earlier and I lost 12 pound in the first 2 weeks.

All people noticed that and kept asking me what I've done and my only answer is " I'm trying to diet " hahahah and it's working.

The thing is since my third week and this is the forth almost done my weight didn't come down any single digit !!!!

It's like when I started eating soft food .

Now I'm hungry all day long , craving for yummys but I'm not eating it.

Why my weight is not dropping ?

I should fill te band in the 6th week but I want to do it this week (4th) is that possiable !?

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Every doctor is diffrent, but if you are eating right, and moving, they may do it, but also 4 weeks your body is healing, and will retain a bit then lose. You posted this a while ago, so I am interested to see how it is going now for you. I just had my second fill, wish it was with Dr.Ortiz, but I had to settle,lol, and down 50pds!! So the scale will start to move again!! Wish I did this years ago, but at least I am living life now!! So happy!!

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