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OK! Two days left to go until my plication procedure. WOW!

This is Day 1 of the liquid fast phase. It hasn't been bad. I haven't felt hungry at all. I am sure this has to do with the fact that i've got both eyes glued on my up coming procedure lol. I weighed in this morning at 206 and I am VERY excited at having lost 15 pre op pounds! Yea! I am now at 206 and will keep this info updated in my signature. I fly out tomorrow having decided to go out 1 day ahead to just relax and calm myself in my new surroundings pre-pre op. Well. I don't know if i'm going to have the time to post here tomorrow as the leave time is early, so I wanted to do that now. It's funny, this board has become a very important part of my journey and it's going to feel strange being unable to post to it for the next 4 days. And also the thought that the next time I do, I will be posting having come out the other side of the procedure. I hope I feel up to posting on Monday. Take Care All. Xxx

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I'm so excited for you! This is going to change your life!

I was so scared before I had it done. I'm always scared of surgery. I'm a mother and I always think of the worst... sigh.... but it was a breeze. You will never look back.

Yesterday, I had two different people approach me about what I'm doing to loose weight. I told them I had WLS. I'm not ashamed.

Meredith in Utah

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