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4 Days Post Plication Procedure

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Hello All,

I just got back from the OCC today. My procedure was Friday and I was to return Sunday but I had to stay an additional 2 days because my stomach swelling was slow to reduce. The irony is that come Monday I was feeling so much better that I was good to go home! But the Dr.'s at the OCC really do take care of you and they would not let me go until they were sure I was absolutely 100% fine so I stayed the 2 extra days, feeling better and better each day.

Today I just got home and feel sooo happy to be home. There truly is no place like home. I met some really great people there, 1 plicated right along side me another 2 who were going to be plicated today. What an international scene it is there! So I am Day 4 post procedure. In a couple days I can have soup. I feel excited about the coming results and can't wait to see the weight drop off. I have to laugh at the irony though of gaining 3-5 pounds during surgery. I gained 3. Common sense and the Dr.'s tell me that this is due to the bloating caused by the gas, etc. and that makes total sense, but still, DOH! lol May we all drop the weight right off! Cheers!

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Hey Ana,

Glad to see you back on board. Sorry about the small complication ... doesn't sound too serious and I'm glad you stayed the extra day.

Boy, do I know what you mean when you said it's good to be home! For me it was wonderful to be back in my bed.

I could have full liquids 72 hours after surgery, is that not the case with you?

I can eat anything I want now. I chew my food FOREVER. I also do not drink anything while eating, which is new for me. I'm sure I'll get used to it. I can even eat meat without trouble. Just chew chew chew.

I was down another 3 lbs this week to 191. If I loose a lb a week, that is fine with me ... slow and steady. Maybe by this time next year I'll be down to 150. :)


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Hi Meredith!

Thank you for the welcome back! :) It feels great to be posting again. I have missed my friends here, you all know what it's like to go through this so there is so much comfort in that! Thank you for your sympathy, yes, it was hard to stay 2 extra days! I got so fussy for wanting to be home. Funny how when you have surgery all you want is to lick your wounds at home in the comfort of all that is familiar to you. That sure was true! But yes, all is well now. The Dr. set a goal weight for me of 149, so I am hoping that come next year I will be there too. I feel like that is totally going to be the case! I could have clear liquids after the surgery and until now, but the first two days after I did not want to take much in. I think I only took 3 ounces in the first day and maybe 10 ounces the next day. I'm doing better now, but I will not be on full liquids until this Friday 7/27. I am following the Gastric Plic Diet to a T. I want to see how much weight I lose following it exactly! How are you doing?

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