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Need To Get Back With The Program

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I was banded in August, 2009. I've lost 50 of 100 lbs. since. The past year, I've gone through two moves, and have put the weight loss in the background. I've actually gained 12 lbs. back. I've had three fills, and have the correct restriction now because I can't eat very much at one time. My problem is not overeating, but eating the wrong things. I don't eat many fruits and vegetables, and have more granola bars, tortilla chips, and popcorn. I've started drinking diet sodas again, but not at the level I was before I was banded. I exercise, but not consistently. I do all the housework and yardwork, and it's hard to find time and energy to exercise. I was going to the gym before work, but can't do it for very long. How do I get back into the routine of putting me first? It was so nice when people made comments on how I look, but I don't get that anymore. My problem all my life when trying to lose weight was I would be bored with the program and drop out. I'm proud of myself for what I've done and that I haven't gained more weight, but need to find the motivation again. I took money I got from my mom when she died to have the surgery, knowing she would be proud of what I did with it. It's stupid, but I don't want to disappoint her by not continuing with what I started and get closer to my goal. I've never needed to be at a goal weight. I just want to be in regular size clothes and not feel bad about how I look. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't know anyone that has gone through this to talk with, and would like to find someone else struggling and going through the same challenge I am so we could help each other.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


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Hi Bev,

Welcome back to the forum. You being here and reaching out for support is a great step towards getting on track. Congratulations for that! After reading your post it seems like you recognize the problem, that you put weight loss in the background. I feel like for those of us who have struggled with our weights, that we have to acknowledge on a real level that junk food and places that cater specifically to them are like bars for recovering alcoholics, they are just not places we need to be around and we can turn our houses into bars by stocking alcohol, the same premise with stocking the house with "the wrong things" versus fruits and vegetables. You are great at identifying the issues, i.e. more granola bars, tortilla chips and popcorn vs. fruit and veg. the next step is following through and doing something about that.

I have had the plication, not the band, so I am not sure how dangerous it is when you say that you have started drinking sodas again? I know for us plics, that is a no no. I recall Dr. Miranda saying to me that for the first year, do not do it and then after if you feel the urge you can have one once in a great while, but my thought was why?? Once you kick the urge, acknowledge that it was a thing that had a hold on you, and don't give it that power anymore.

Have you tried to incorporate excercise into yardwork? Maybe after you are done walk around your neighborhood block until you reach 10,000 steps, get a pedometer and track that. All of these steps are putting you first. You count and you deserve to live a life where YOU are in control of food and NOT vice versa. Just remember that anytime you struggle with eating the right thing that is the junk food talking. The comments on how good you look are a motivation too! Keep thinking about that and how good it feels to hear that and know that the way you get back there again is by making smart choices that reflect how in control of your struggle you are. Realize that not getting those comments anymore and gaining 12lbs are both steps in the direction of the unhappy place you were before and don't you do that to yourself Bev! You deserve more than that. You deserve those comments and the adrenaline rush of self-satisfaction that comes with them!

If you start to get bored with meeting those 10,000 steps, 1. acknowledge that, 2. realize that what you are getting 'bored of' is being healthy and 3. ask yourself what the long term effect of that attitude is.

When you took the money your mom left you, I presume you felt her pride in you for getting healthy, right? And more than disappointing her, don't disappoint yourself. You knew your mom would be proud of you becaues you were doing something for YOU to make you healthy and what mother doesn't want to see her baby girl healthy? Honor that and begin right now by moving one step in the right direction followed by the steps thereafter. There is no 'getting bored' of being healthy. You need that.

I hope this has helped you. Feel free to email me. I know we are in different places in terms of our WLS chosen methods, band and plication, but I am happy to offer moral support.

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Bev -

I'm with you! I was banded in March 2010, starting weight 221, surgery weight 205, got down to 168 but am back up to 180. I bought a "fit bit' that tracks my steps all day, and calculates calories, etc a little more accurately than the average pedometer. I find wearing it gives me a little more motivation. I'm looking at cooler weather in the future and want to be able to wear my 168-jeans so that's giving me motivation now.....lets see what we can do!!

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