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End of 2nd Week Post Plication Procedure

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OK! Today is end of week 2 for me. I have lost 2 lbs. for a total of 24 lbs! This week was a challenge. I was already taking in 8 ozs of pedialyte daily when I showed signs of dehydration. This week I noticed some slight signs again and determined to stay ahead of it I upped my pedialyte intake to 16 ozs now. Still showing some signs, and have upped my liquid intake. I have seen some positive changes this week. I notice that my favorite jeans, jeans that I could NOT fit into before pre-op diet are now loose! I can pull them 2 inches away from me easily and that makes me feel good. I definitely feel like I have gone down in inches, and can see this in the mirror. I opted not to measure that stuff so no specifics, but it is notable. My energy level has been pretty good and that is saying a lot considering that before I even heard of the OCC my energy level was a constant struggle and low! I have been increasing my walking and am looking forward to resistant training and exercise which I can begin at the end of week 3, next Friday. I feel proud of myself that I have been on liquids for 17 days and feel good. I would have never thought it possible for ME? to stick to something like this for this length of time and I just feel very proud of myself.

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Hey Ana!

I was hoping you'd check in today!

You sound better off than I was in the energy dept.

I had my 1 month anniversary yesterday. I lost 12 lbs last month.

You are only going to feel better and better! I only drink water and milk oh, and black coffee and plain green tea. I wonder if the pedialyte has too much sodium?

Doesn't it feel great to be loosing weight?!


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Awww, You were thinking of me! *HUGS* I have been thinking about you too so thanks so much for the update! 12 lbs last month YOU GO MEREDITH!! I am totally sold, I feel better already and to just think of feeling better and better... WOW! I can't wait for it to keep on going! I hadn't thought about the sodium in pedialyte... hmmm, how much liquids were you taking in during your 2-3rd weeks of full liquids and did you ever get dehydrated? I would appreciate any/all information on how everyone is managing to stay hydrated because yesterday and today I started to feel the initial little pullings of cramps in the legs that want to come forth and I do NOT want that!

Yes! It feels fantastic to be losing weight! Stay in touch :) And I look forward to hearing about how you and others keep/kept hydrated!



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