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depresed after operation

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hi my friends

i did my operation about 15 days ago although i lost about 10 kg but am so sad cuz i used to hangout with my friend drinking etc but now am just at home i con not drink i can not go out with my friend . thats why am so bored . do u gus know untill when i can not drink or i can not hang out ?

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Hang in there, Navid. My Gastric Plication was July 2nd. My friends and family are summer people who love to party, socialize, drink and have a good time. From the start I have continued to socialize and host parties. I just try not to make a big deal of what is going on in my life when it comes to Weight Loss Surgery.

When we were out and I was only on liquids or soups, I would order something that I could have, and very slowly enjoy whatever I was consuming. Take your time, put your spoon/fork down, make the experience last as long as possible so you aren't finished before everyone else. I know I would ask the people I was with to describe how their food tasted. My point is that I continued to go out, the experience becomes more about being with your friends and not about eating and drinking.

Drinking alcohol isn't a problem for me, I just can't drink very much and have to be careful with my drink choices (no sodas, no beers, nothing sparkling). About 1 1/2 drinks and not only am I full, but I've got quite a "buzz" so you have to really be careful.

Please hang in there. I went through a period before the WLS, where I was depressed and upset about my weight, and didn't want to go out. But at week 6, I've lost over 25 pounds since the surgery and am feeling really good. I think you will be there soon.

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He Navid!

I hear ya! I still tell people that 'I killed my best friend' ... ha ha ha ... My stomach was my best friend. I love food, and fun and drinks with pals. I'm at the point now where I can eat anything! I just eat a VERY TINY amount, but at least I can sample. As far as drinking, I do drink , but like Pam said, it's a small amount and you're buzzed. No carbonated beverages.

I'm 6 weeks out and I have lost 16 lbs. For me, this is the perfect weightloss tool.

Slow and steady my friend.


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Hi Navid,

I agree completely with Pam and Meredith. You cannot let your weight loss interfere with your daily social life. You just have to figure out a way to incorporate your new life style in.

Good Luck and stay in touch here on the forum for support.

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