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End of 4th Week / 1 month Post Plic

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It's been a busy week for me. I am happy to report though that at 1 month post plication, to date, I have lost 16 lbs! I am very happy with my progress and just continue to feel this was the best decision ever.

I have been taking in 64 ozs of water since the required day we were to do that, week 1 of soft foods I believe it was. I enjoy my water intake. I have found it somewhat difficult to get all the calories in, so I am working on that.

I am adhering to the Golden Rule at every meal, waiting both 1 hour before and 1 hour after meals to drink and feel good about incorporating this once intimidating aspect into my life. Even met a gal yesterday who has never had WLS but does the no drinking before and after food, she does this for 30 minutes either side and when I told her that I do this for 1 hour either side she was very impressed with my discipline. That made me feel really good, a great motivator.

Today is Day 1 of regular foods. I had essentially the same soft food breakfast and lunch that I have been having, the only thing I did different was that I added 1 whole slice of toast to each meal, and added non butter butter. It was great and filling. For dinner I had 1 roll of sushi and a small salad with thousand island dressing. I know thousand island dressing is fatty, but because I am trying to get calories up, I had it. Won't do that again. It tasted super fatty! My palette is so cleansed that I am really sensitive to fats, disliking the amped up taste, it's like watching a movie in technocolor.. too much! So I will stick to my wish bones.

Yep, i'm coming along nicely :)

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