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I need to get an unfill. My last fill (done at OCC) was too much. I've called the emergency rooms to see if the docs there do an unfill but they said no. I've contacted bariatric surgeons here and they won't take me on. My family doc can't do it! I live in the New Orleans/ Baton Rouge area. Any help is appreciated,


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I don't know how far you want to drive, but there is a doctor in Lake Charles, LA. His name is Dr. Richard Shimer. He is a baratric surgeon and I have seen him before for a fill. He does them blind or under fleuro. He is NOT cheap. It was the same price for me to get a flight and go back to the OCC as it was for him. But, if you need someone in an emergency, it might help. I think the last time I went it cost me about $350. His number is 337-478-2327.

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