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Gatric plication 3 days ago, I am vomiting a lot


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My name is Lea and I am from Sweden.am 45 years old and I have been overweight, with a few exceptions, since a was an early teenager.

I currently weigh 95 kg and I am 168

I had a gastric plication on the 27th of August at Ersta hospital in Stockholm

I have been experiencing some vomiting, several times a day and I have some trouble in following the schedule for post op diet that I got from the hospital.

For instance, I am supposed to eat hot soup twice a day, but I can not digest it.

What advices have go been given for post op diet and is some one else vomiting?

Thank you,

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Hi Lea,

Have you talked to the Doctor that performed the plication? I know when I had my procedure I was nauseated for the first 3 days, but I let my caregivers know quickly and was given anti-nausea medication that worked fine. Also, right after my surgery I was very sensitive to smells. I would get nauseated very easily and could NOT drink soup.The smell made me sick. During the first 3 days after surgery I only drank maybe 3 ozs a day and that was toward the third day.

Definitely get in touch with your doctor. Welcome to the forum and good to have you here Lea,



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