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What are possible issues with Band Slip?


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Quick question... I was banded with 10cc band by Dr O in April 2007. I lost 115#.... I have regained 15# total from my lowest maintained weight over the last 2 years. Almost 2 years ago I started having severe acid reflux issues due to an overtight band. I had some removed, but acid reflux still stays with me. I had an endoscopy/colonoscopy (fun times!) in April of this year. It appears that my band has slipped 2" from the original banding sight. My dr wants me to see a surgeon to have this fixed. Problem... insurance doesn't cover band and can't afford another trip to Mexico (or surgery for that matter). I am still able to eat (still get stuck quite often) and have found a way to manage the acid reflux by not eating at night along with strong daily meds to help as well.

I guess my biggest question is.... what can possibly happen from here??? Would it help to have some of my band emptied?? I'm pretty sure I still have approximately 8cc's in there. The band is NOT helping me lose weight at this time, but I am too afraid to challenge the idea that its not at least helping me NOT gain weight. I am so fearful of gaining the weight that I honestly would rather live with some of the consequences.

Anyone else had this similar experience with some advise would be greatly appreciated!!! Is there anything I can do (without surgery or traveling) that will help with this situation??

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!!

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