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Phew! I'm here...

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Hey GSP teamies!

Sorry I've been so absent. It's busy here. school starting, we went on vacation, etc ...

Good news, I'm down 21 lbs! It's been 11 weeks for me since surgery and I'm doing great. I've noticed a pattern with my loss. I will loose like a lb or less some weeks, then have a huge loss of like 3 sometimes four lbs. I think this also is related to my monthly cycle. Hormones really mess with me. ha ha ha.

I will go to a second hand store this weekend and get some new jeans/trousers.

I truly/honestly like loosing slowly. For me, it's great because I can and do eat anything I want, in just MUCH smaller portions. I don't feel any deprivation.

What I don't like, is I don't get as much pleasure out of eating as I used to. I miss that 'full' feeling, if you know what I mean.

Carry on,

Meredith in Utah

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