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Scared about the surgery

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My name is Amanda I'm 25 years old and have surgery booked for October 18th. My weight hx is convoluted; I am in constant weight fluctuation I have reached my goal weight 3 times in the past 3 years via high protein low carb low cal diets just to regain it all again when I try to transition into a "normal diet". I decided that i needed help to maintain a healthy weight and thus decided to have the plication done. Now that my surgery date is coming closer I am finding myself so anxious and scared. I know all the potential complications and risks and I can't help thinking about all the potential worst case scenarios. I'm just wondering if anyone has had any regrets post surgery or complications. Also wondering if others felt this way prior to surgery, if it's a normal response.

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Hi Amanda first of all good luck, it will be just fine. I am having the sleeve done on the 15th getting very nervous but it comes and goes. We are both going to do great. I am 57 and my name is Rhonda. I will be ready to leave on the day of your surgery what day do you arrive? We are staying at the Marriott so if your staying there we might run into each other. Just keep a positive outlook and think about how good we are going to look in a few months. Best of Luck......

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Hi Amanda

Before I decided to have my plication I reached my goal weight 4 times within 4 years. What got me everytime was sugar. It just seems to do something evil to my body. I cannot handle it. It shrinks my willpower and all sorts of other things. I also decided that i needed help to maintain a healthy weight and decided to have the plication. I felt nervous when I made the decision and then as there was 1 month between my decision and the date, I let it slip from my mind and just daydreamed about the outcome. But as it got closer, like within3 days I started to get really really nervous and definitely scarred. I kept thinking what if something goes wrong and i'm worse off then when I came in?? The 2 other women I talked to on the day I had my plication who were also having their plications were feeling pretty scarred too. In my opinion only I think it's a normal emotion considering that it is surgery. I have had surgery 3 times in my life and each time I have felt scarred and anxious.

Personally I have no regrets. For me, this surgery was exactly what I needed to be in control of my eating habits and therefore my health. Since my procedure in July, I have had a collective 5 tablespoons of sugar, and each time it was at only 1 or 2 table spoons at a time, then I would abstain from it again. I learned for me, that small sugar portions is necessary. The surgery allowed me to get a handle on that. Now I get my sweet urges filled with fruit, which thanks to abstaining on artificial sweetness tastes more than sweet enough.

Whatever your decision, take care of yourself and keep in touch with our family here.

Best of Luck!

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