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4 month anniversary

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Hey teamies!

Today is my four month plicatoin anniversary. I have lost 26 lbs. I am 1/2 to where I want to be. I currently weigh 176.

I'm starting to look pretty good, I think. :) My face and tummy really show the loss.

Life is very normal for me. I eat and drink whatever I want. I do not drink soda, though. It's too bubbly. I do not excersize, either.

This surgery was the perfect solution for me. I needed restriction to help me eat less, but not stop me from loving food. ha ha ha. I should post some photos.

Meredith in Utah

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Hey Team Leader - you are looking great! Is this just the best thing in the world or what?! I'm down around 45 pounds and totally agree with your summary of the "after life" following surgery. I eat what I want to, when I want, but after just a few bites I am full and even more importantly SATISFIED! That is the difference for me, not feeling like I may never have birthday cake, a donut, pasta, ever again in my life thus feeling the need to eat (fill in the blank) until it is gone. I'm a happy camper and thrilled with the results. Because I am able to eat healthily I don't have any side effects from the surgery. This morning I actually wanted the tiny sweet grape tomatoes and string cheese for lunch - and they were great. My family will be vacationing in Playa Del Carmen near Cancun, Mexico and staying at an All Inclusive and I now know with this tool that I will not drink or eat too much. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

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Congratulations Meredith! You look great :) I agree that this procedure was the best. I watch what I eat, but I have had pizza, and I do eat pasta. I do not feel nor have felt as though there were things that are off limits, but I eat healthy and even when I eat pizza, it is a small amount due to the wonderful restriction. Having this procedure has changed my life for the better.

Pam, Playa Del carmen near Cancun! You lucky lady!! Have a great time! (who wouldn't... lol) I love knowing I don't have to worry about overeating! Congratulations on your continued success also :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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