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Curious about what to expect

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I am scheduled for my sleeve on Wednesday the 21st.

But I was curious, the driver that picks you up at the airport and transports you back and forth to and from the hotel, are you supposed to tip them?

While at the hotel, do you have to pay for the broth and popcicles?

Do you have to go down to the resturant or will they bring it to your room?

Are the rooms nice at the hotel? I know that most Marriotts that I have seen are really nice, is this one?

On the day of the surgery, what is the proceedure? How does the day unfold?

What about the next day, what happens then?

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I didn't tip the driver as I had to wait a long time for him and we picked up everyone 5 people didn't get to the hotel till 11:30pm my flight got in at 5pm. I don't think this is the norm but with long boarder lines we had to wait for everyone as he couldn't go back and forth.

Hotel is GREAT very nice, broth and Popsicle's are free I also think one bottle of water a day is too but check on that. It seems at times to differ from person to person. You can go to the restaurant or eat in your room.

You have to meet in the lobby around 6:30 am they take you to the clinic you go one by one and get your iv started, EKG, meet with nutrisionist, pay, get your picture taken and get a card OCC card. I think that is what we did first, Then they take you to your room you are in a order I was 3rd to get my surgery you get in your room they hook you up to iv give you meds via iv and a breathing treatment. You put on paper undies and a gown. They then take you into surgery when it is your turn. You forget you were ever in there and wake up groggy and having to go pee. (that is what I remembered) I slept one and off all night I can remember walking up often to go pee but not really remembering I really went but I did. I was very thirsty they allow you to drink the next morning. I visited with my neighbor the next am before going back to the hotel, They give you your meds and instructions before you go back to the hotel. I slept that day after walking back from walmart. I had to go back to the clinic as they gave me a pain med I was allergic too but were calling me back as soon as I as in my room. So went back got different meds the cab dropped us off at walmart a few blocks from the hotel. Dr. So is great. I loved him the most of all the Dr there.

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Hope you are feeling well post surgery and all the best on your the first steps of a very successful weight loss! Am keenly interested in your feedback about your surgical and travel experience. As I move toward final insurance denial, I've had the time to research surgery options in Mexico and am impressed with everything I see about the Obesity Control Center and Dr. Oritz. How did your procedure go?

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Here is the story of my journey to The Obesity Control Center in Tijuana Mexico with Dr Ortiz for my sleeve procedure.

I arrived in San Diego on Tuesday, Nov 20th about 3:00pm, the driver text me to let me know he was held up at the border. He did arrive and drove me to the hotel. I got to the hotel (Marriott), and it is a very nice hotel. I checked in and got to my room and ordered chicken broth and water. OCC guest are given 3 bowls of chicken broth and 2 bottles of water per day. They did not have any popsicles the whole time I was there, but I was told that I didn’t miss anything. I was told to be in the lobby at 6:40 the next morning to be picked up and taken to the clinic. They don’t tell you, but you have to go to the front desk and tell them you need a ride to OCC.

Got to the clinic and was the second person on the schedule for the day. I didn’t have to wait very long before they called me back and took blood and started my IV. The nurse was very good and was as painless as an IV can be. Then back to the waiting room. I was then called back to talk to Dr. Maranda the nutritionist, very nice. Then back to the waiting room and then called back to have my EKG done. Shortly after that I was escorted to my room. It was a small private room with a nice couch and comfortable chair. They ask me to strip down and put on a gown and some paper underwear. (One size does NOT fit all). The nurse started a drip in my IV and injected several syringes of medications into it. All painless. Then she administered a shot to my thigh which was also painless. Dr Ortiz came in to see me. He was not what I had expected. He is very young and not a trace of Spanish accent. He was like an old friend stopping by to visit me in the hospital. Very personable and down to earth. Ask if I had any questions and just visited for a few minutes like we were old friends. After a few minutes the nurses came back and ask if I was ready. She walked me into the OR. I walked in and there were 4 men in the room in scrubs all speaking Spanish. They ask me to lie down on the table and one of them put a mask on me. The next thing I knew I woke up back in my room. I didn’t have any pain, just felt bloated. I slept off and on throughout the day and night. I did get up once and set up my CPAP so I could sleep more comfortably and a couple of other times just to walk around a bit to help get rid of the gas causing the bloated feeling. (do this, it really does help) The nurse came in the next morning (Thursday) and gave me a small bottle of water and a couple of pills. You will learn VERY quickly to take small sips. The nurse checked my drain said that anytime I was ready I could get dressed and return to the hotel. I got dressed and was taken to the waiting room.

I was given my prescriptions, 1 bottle of an antibiotic, 1 box of pain pills, 2 boxes of anti nausea tablets and 1 box of anitacid. “Given” is a misnomer here, they charge you $125.00 for these medications that you have to pay for right then. I was then taken back to the hotel. You have to check in again at the hotel. They told me to come back to the clinic at 10:00 the next day.

I pretty much stayed in my room napping off and on and reading. Took a couple of walks around the halls but mostly stayed in my room. I thought I was hungry so I ordered 2 bowls of chicken broth. I could only eat about 5 or 6 spoonfuls and was full. A first in my life! Again, you learn very quickly to take small sips, If you try to eat the broth or drink like your used to it hurts, it feels like a large gas bubble in the gut, very uncomfortable. When you go down to the lobby the next morning, remember to let them know at the desk that you need a ride to OCC.

I was taken back to OCC and the drain was checked and bandage changed. Still feeling bloated. Very short stay at the clinic and then taken back to the hotel. I was told to return at 8:00 the next morning to have the drain removed. Returned the next morning and they did the barium check and all was good. You only have to take a couple of small sips of the barium so it’s not bad. You will see your “new “stomach on the screen. The doctor took me into the prep room and removed the drain, which was also painless.

I was then taken to the airport and flew home.

All in all it went pretty much as everyone said it would. I had the bloated feeling for a couple of days after returning home but it did pass. I still have trouble remembering to take small sips but am quickly reminded. But I do not have any pain. I did feel hungry though the first 5 days or so and I wasn’t expecting to. So now that its all done and over, I’m very pleased with everything.

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