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Screwed Up on Pre-op Diet


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I have been running all day today. I took a slim fast, celery, and sf jello to eat while out. It helped but when I got home, I was STARVING! My kids were eating some granola I just bought for them. I couldn't help myself. I ate a bowl! I am now mad and depressed. I tried to call Dr. Mirinda to see what to do to help my goof but she was not available. Any ideas?

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Which pre-op diet are you doing and when is your procedure? Was the granola really high fat calorie wise? Without having heard back from you yet, if your procedure is say 1 month away or 2 weeks away, I imagine that as long as you buckle down and find more pre-diet snacks to help you stay on track it seems like you're ok?

For my pre-op diet I did the lean and green and found that the protein shakes 2X a day and the 1 cup of soup with as much greens as I wanted in between was really satisfying. Also the lean cuisine meal was satisfying for the calorie count.

Good Luck, pick yourself up, and get right back to it! You can do it. :)

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