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At the Marriot 1/30/13 to 2/3/13


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My wife and I were just there I've stayed at 4 hotels during the years, the Marriott is a good hotel. Across the street and south a few blocks is a Calimex grocery store. A Walmart across the street from Calimex. Be extra careful crossing the street, traffic is terrible. They'll shuttle you to the OCC. I think you get free chicken broth at the restaurant. The rooms are clean and comfy.

Cons: The hotel bar doesn't make a very good margarita.

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Hi Stacey.....can you tell me how your stay at the Marriott was??

I enjoyed the Marriott it was nice, clean, just make sure you get your free bottles of water every day they try to skimp on them. Their broth is yummy, and the Popsicle's they make are wonderful.

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I loved the Marriott! Everything I had was free, the popsicles, broth and tea. My companion got a discount on her food! The room was gorgeous and we loved it. We just left there yesterday the 23rd.

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