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Its a tough diet!


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No one has posted in here for a long time, but I am here, and I am reading all the older posts!

I have cheated a couple of times, but I realize my cheats aren't like a normal cheat.

My day starts at 4am, and I am starving my 5am on my drive to work. So I have been having my shake on my drive to work. My lunch is at 9:30/10 am

Break at 12noon

Drive home at 230pm

Wanting dinner at 330/4pm

I am eating veggies and doing my shakes and having soup, but one day it just wasn't enough. I got the mail and there was coupons for Mucho Burrito and my fattie senses took over. I convinced my hubby I could have one...just not the usual.

I got a small 10" whole wheat vegetarian that had rice, beans, peppers and guacamole. I did not get the cheese and sourcream. It was the best thing I had eaten all week. Afterwards, I was in pain. It was too heavy and too much. I had to go to bed and sleep it off.

I was sitting with a friend who is a very healthy eater and works out and such and I told her about my cheat and I felt guilty, but it was so satisfy. She told me not to be so hard on myself, when she cheats its a cheeseburger and fries!!!

I have lost it all and am back on track. In fact, I have had another burrito, with no rice and instead with chicken and I didn't gain at all, mind you, I cut it in half and saved the other half for the next day. I guess my point is, not to be so hard on ourselves if we cheat, as when we cheat, we don't cheat really bad.

My girlfriend had booked her surgery thru a company here in Calgary, and when she arrived in TJ, she hadn't done any pre op diet, no spirometer, no vitamins and they did her surgery anyways. So I try not to be so hard on myself.

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