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When I get home


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I have no idea what my post op diet is suppose to be. I assume they will tell me when I get there and before I leave.

My husband wants to offer support and is asking me what he can have for me when I walk thru the door.

Can you please tell me what he should stock our pantry with?

Also, in case we face any delays or cancellations on flights home, what food essential should I have with me?

Your help is appreciated!

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Ok brutal honestly don't really need to stock up on anything. I guess I would say chicken broth but don't stock up as you can only have a little here and there. I bought too much stuff and still have some almost a year later. They will give you the diet before surgery. I would say if he wants to have somethings for you this would be my short list.

Gatorade, broth, Popsicle, drinkable yogurt, creamy soup you like (NO chunks)

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That is perfect! He just wants to make sure for the first couple days home before I am ready to go out and face the world, that he has some food for me. He knows I won't be eating what him and the kids are having! thank you for your suggestions :)

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