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Major cramping on both sides,but not stomach..?


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Hey all,

I got my plication surgery on the 31st of January. Everything went as it should,regular expected surgery post-op pain,no biggy.

Now, for the last three days I've been getting excruiating sharp cramping on both sides. It doesn't 'feel' like it's my stomach. At first I thought maybe it was just an irritated incision point, but now I'm almost wondering if it's my intestines? Ill admit, I'm no longer following(and only did for 3-4days) the post op diet...I just couldn't handle chicken broth or soup anymore. So, with the little intake I'm getting,that is just regular,everyday food, could there be some type of blockage? Irritaion? I'd love any help Or suggestions!

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I would call the OCC ASAP or got to the ER you could have done damage to your placated stomach and created a leak or tear. Also I have heard of people getting food stuck in the placated portion of the stomach causing the stomach tissue to die If you have created too much swelling by eating solids too soon. I don't want to scare you but there is a reason for the post op diet for your stomach to heal.

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