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Where is everyone?

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Hello ! Boy, this forum is a bit slow isn't it? There aren't many happening Plication forums from what I see. Please fill me in if I'm missing out.

Anyway, I thought id jump on and tell a little bit about my experience. I loved reading peoples success stories Pre Op.

I had GSP on January 18th, 2013. So far so good. In fact everything has gone so smoothly. I am very pleased. Im down 27 pounds and have not had any issues with food whatsoever. I guess the hardest part for me has been changing the habit of grazing. I do get hungry which I don't like but thank goodness for the restriction. Recovery was a breeze. I was off the pain meds by the time I left OCC. I had some gas pains but noting Gas-X couldn't fix. My experience with Dr Ortiz and the OCC staff was great. Everyone was very nice and helpful.

I still love reading everyones success stories, food ideas etc. I wish this forum was more active.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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I'm so happy for you! It's been 2 years for myself since I lost 101 pounds. Believe me I know when you first start out that your stomach wants to make embarrassing noises at the worst times. It's just retraining your brain to eat, then wait to drink, and eventually your eating small snacks throughout the day like you should instead of one to two big meals. Keep up the great work!!

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