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This is the topic for those who are scheduling their surgery during the month of May. Posting in this topic gives you the chance to meet other patients that are going to be in TJ during this month. So lets hear from the soon to be Gastric Plication patients.

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I had gastric plication surgery in Arizona 11 days ago. I spent 1 night in the hospital. They took great care of me. The worst part was the nausea. It was terrible the first few days. The pain was not too bad. I am on full liquids for three weeks. I eat soups, puddings, popsicles, ice cream, smoothies, I even blended up canned beef stew to make a thick purée that was really filling. I can't eat very much at once. It takes me much longer to have thick soup rather than pure liquids. I tried some soft solids and it kind of hurt going down. I'm having trouble swallowing pills and even food goes down much different than it used to. I swallow air or it ends up going down with air in every bite and I have to burp it up which has never been the case before.

As far as activity, I went back to work 6 days post surgery. I did too much housework a few days ago and was really shaky and tired the next day. I am walking a little more every few days. Waiting to eat solids is the hardest part so far. I'm bored with the food and miss chewing and swallowing. I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end!

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