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Wierd noises after surgery!?!?

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Yesterday I was discharged to go back to the hotel, everything seems fine, some discomfort but they say that's normal. My only issue is that I have this gurgling sounds coming from my throat. It starts from my stomach area like a hunger grind and ends up in my throat. I read on obesity help.com that it is normal, that its the air and gas that's tring to get out. But man its annoying! Another concern, I can't poop! Lol, I've been constipated since beginning the liquid only diet, today at noon, I'm scheduled for a drain check and gauze change, ill let the doctors know my concerns.

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Drs say it is totally normal, it's from your stomach being so big and now it's the size of a banana. The gas has to escape somehow, I also asked about the constipation and again, since there is nothing but liquids in there , it's normal to not have a bowel movement. Well this journey ends tomorrow when they take out my drain , and go home to begin my new weight loss journey. One that I have been waitin for years to go on. I thank all the doctors and nurses from the OCC, they have been angels sent from up above ;)

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