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One week from today....

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Today is Friday...just one week from my surgery. I just can't believe my turn is finally coming!! :clapping: I saw my primary dr today for a check-up on things just to make sure I had NO surprises when I arrive at the OCC, also to comfort my family that I was in good hands! :girl_wink: My dr said everything was fine and that I should have no troubles or any surprises with health....but the best news he gave me was I lost 18lbs. was so proud of myself and so excited that I know that I would reach the weight that I wanted to be for surgery!!! To all of you that have surgery behind you and are on the new healthy path in life...grab it by the horns, and embrace a new beginning to a health!....I to, very soon will be joining that journey and not looking back only forward to the whole new me!! :girl_wink:

Good Luck!!!

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