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Any tips on getting more water down?

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Hi Mom2four

By having trouble getting more water down I am going to presume you mean that you're not motivated to drink water and not that you've just had your procedure and can't yet drink too much, so this tip goes under that presumption. ALSO, all the advice I give is from a plication perspective, so having had a different procedure please be sure to clear things through the OCC. :)

That being said, I have a great fool proof tip! I used this trick when I knew that I needed to start drinking more water but wasn't that 'into it' yet AND IT WORKS!

Take a vitamin water or whatever flavored beverage you are drinking (coffee works too) and get a 16 oz glass of water. Drink them both simultaneously. Take one drink of coffee and then 2 drinks of water. Make your flavored drink sips a little less intake than the water, it has more flavor so you won't need as much, you are mainly taking it in for the flavor. Make your water drinks bigger. When you finish the 16 oz glass of water fill it up again.

This works and you won't even realize that you are getting your water in because you will only remember having drunk the flavored beverage after! The reason that I suggest getting a 16 oz glass of water instead of a 32 oz container is because when you see the 32 oz water, especially being at a point you are not into it yet, you feel inundated by the sight of the thing. With a smaller vessel, you think, ok, I can finish that, all psychosomatic, and you do. That along with flavor in between gets you through it.

I bought a 16 oz flavored drink at walgreens for $2.00 that came in a glass bottle then just washed it after and it became my on the go glass. Already comes with a handy no spill lid.

And a protein shake is considered liquid so you can drink it right along side those two 16 oz bottles of water! It's perfect!

Good Luck :)

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