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I've Lost Too Much Weight!

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I need suggestions to gain weight after gastric plication. I had gastric plication at the OCC in November 2011. My starting weight was 203# and my goal weight was 140-145#. I am currently 129#, and It seems like no matter what I eat which is not much I can't gain any weight. People constantly ask me if I'm sick and make remarks that I'm "TOO SKINNY". Any and all suggestions to put on a few pounds are greatly appreciated.

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Forget whatever that destructive monster called PEOPLE says. How do YOU feel? Do you think you've lost too much? I'm looking at your picture, albeit it is from a distance away, (and this is nothing more than another one of THOSE opinions) but you do not look "too thin" to me??

How do YOU feel about your weight? It is your perspective alone that counts. That said, and wiping ENTIRELY away all urges to instruct you to drink a frosting candy bar shake... I imagine all you have to do to gain weight is monitor your calorie intake and then increase it. I'm not going to write too much, because truly, on this website, yours is a high class problem. (not too terrible...) :) I hope you find a balance with your weight that is right for YOU and makes YOU feel happy.

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I am really happy that you have lost the weight and reached your goal. I am the opposite, feeling depressed because I am not losing weight. I had plication surgery on december 19, 2013 and have only lost 15 pounds. I seemed to have stalled out and don't know what else to do. I am hardly eating anything and still, the scale says the same thing! Depressing!

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