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I'm one of those WLS patients that has issues getting in my daily required intake of protein. Right now I'm in the 3rd week of the sleeve post-op diet. To me,, protein shakes are something to be desired, tastefully speaking, most are just tolerable.

The other day I went searching on-line and found www.unjury.com and ordered their 5 star tasting, 21g protein chicken broth mix.

I have never posted anything like this before, but when I find something good, I'll tell you about it.

I found the 21g protein chicken broth to be exactly as advertised and it does taste like chicken cup o soup without the noodles.

I may order their unflavored protein, so I can add it to other things to get my protein in. I'll keep you posted on that product when I get it and try it. If any you forum members have tried it, please post your opinions on this product or other brands of protein.

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I order all my protein drinks from http://www.bariatricfoodsource.com/

The soups taste good but I really like the hot drinks, amaretto cappuccino is my favorite. I also mix the caramel or butterscotch pudding mixes with Kefir probiotics and water for breakfast shakes. The cold protein drinks are pretty good too. I like orange or the pineapple orange. I need a lot of variety and have yet to get sick of any protein shakes, soups, or drinks.

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I tried the Enspira production and I LOVED them. The shakes were very tasty. Then they changed the formula and were NASTY. The protein was reduced to only 13 grams! I sent them back and have never received a refund. Supposedly the formula was suppose to change in August and offer more protein but I haven't had the nerve to re-order.

I order the 'good' stuff in April and the 'bad' stuff in June. I need to email Lucia and find out what they are really shipping these days.

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