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2 yrs post op gastric bypass

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I had the gastric bypass 2 yrs ago. I lost weight quickly, 140 lbs I'm down to 130 lbs. I've been very tired and weak, blood test revealed anemia and other deficiencies even though I take vitamins faithfully, along with protein shakes. Bone density test revealed ostopenia even though I take calcium and vitamin d. My hair is falling out at an alarming rate, and my fingers are numb. My stools are yellow and long. And recently I started getting nauseas and vomiting in the evening. I went to a gastro. Dr. Who will do a colonoscopy and endoscopy on Monday the 9th of sept. my bones are hurting and my legs ache at night. Anyone else going through this? I'm thrilled with the weight loss, I was overweight my entire life. But these other things are making me worry. Thanks for any input. I would like to add that before my gastric bypass I weighed in at 250 lbs. my weight now is 130. I am very happy about this.

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