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Lapband revision to Vertical Sleeve

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I have had the lapband since July 2008. Last October I lost my job during a reduction in force and my band slammed shut on me. Had to make an emergency trip to Mexico to have it completely opened. I have since gained the weight back that I had lost. The maintenance is just too much. I am considering having it removed and having the sleeve now that I have a new job. Just scared to have a fill and it tighten up on me again.

Those of you that have had this:

1. Were you able to have the surgery all at one time or did you have to have the lapband removed first then go back for the sleeve?

2. How long is the recovery if you have it all at one time? Time at the clinic, then time at the hotel?

3. Are you happier with the sleeve than you were with the band?

Any information is greatly appreciated in helping with my decision.

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I had my lap band surgery in 2007... not a good fit for me either. Starting weight was 307 and got down to 230 after band stopped me from eating solids for about two months in 2008. Had band unfilled and started gaining my weight back. Got back up to 297 and SCHEDULED to have revision with Dr Ortiz in September 2012. Best decision I have ever made for myself. Back to Mexico and had band removed and stomach cut in the same surgery. Dr Ortiz is awesome. Easy surgery and easy recovery. Back to hotel day after surgery... walked to Wal-Mart that afternoon. Out and about every day. Stayed in TJ for 3 more nights and then up to San Diego and went to the Zoo for the day. I would do it all agAin in a heartbeat. Surgery weight 260 and one year later... I am at 160 and just had plastic surgery removing 6 lbs of skin with tummy tuck. Look good and feel great.

A good website is verticalsleevetalk.com. Lots of great info and a big help.

Cheers, Dottie

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I have a friend that had a band in the states and then decided she wanted it removed and changed to a sleeve. She ended up going to Dr. Ortiz and has had no regrets. Her process was very smooth and she has been very happy.

I was just a sleeve surgery with Dr. Ortiz and it was super smooth and easy. I was never sick or in any pain. No regrets at all! I am down 64 pounds since June and would do it again in a heartbeat! verticalsleevetalk.com has some good advice but there is quite a bit of drama there too! Just be aware of that.

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I got the band at OCC in March of 2010. I am headed back to OCC for a revision to the sleeve in November. So excited! I am very frustrated with the band and the providers in the US saying things like "we don't take patients that had their band in Mexico". Dr. Ortiz likely has 100 times the experience and training of these jokers and they say it like its some sub standard back room process. Makes me very angry. I have really good insurance, but I trust Dr. Ortiz and prefer to self pay him than take my chances with my small town inexperienced options where I live. I like that he makes videos and explains how its done and why things are done a certain way. Very excited to go back to OCC and hopefully have my dreams of being thin come true!

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