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Hi all

I had it done at the OCC and it was a smooth ride from start to finish.

The place is clean, neat and the staff is very friendly.

As for the Plication, no real side effects, a little sore, but nothing a few days of taking it easy took care of.

I am just so happy to have made this choice.

It is like the definition of insanity-- doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Dieting up and down, loosing, Gaining over and over again.

I needed to get off that cycle and stay the course, this has allowed me to do this.

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Hello to you all:

I just arrived back home in Canada last night from Tijuana last night. I firstly want to let you know that there are many people going for these surgeries and many with different prices and from $4200 US to 13,000.00. I know that our experience was all inclusive with the beautiful Marriot hotel 5 star raiting I give it we had one over night stay in the clinic and the rest in our hotels which included our food borth soup, popsicles and water daily. Other places did not provide that. We were also shuttled daily for our followup appointments. I was also impressed by the credentials of Dr. Ortiz performing more than 15,000 surgeries speaks volumes to crediblity and being featured in multiple publications makes a huge huge difference. We also had all the blood work done, EKG, nuturtionist wegiht us and provide a food plan for our lives. It was amazing to hear some of the insights the provided me with more leading edge information for helping to attain my goal weight. I saw other professional doctors going for the same surgery so I felt that the level of trust of this clinic was EXCELLENT IN THE PROFESSIONAL WORLD. My sister and I had the gastric sleeve done and we both are very happy. Dr. Ortiz staples 3 x an also sews up the sleeve to ensure no leakage.

I would like to personally thank all the doctors and nurses for making our stay at OCC heartwarming and caring to ensuring that our HEALTH was # 1 priority while getting SLEEVED.



DR. ORTIZ said this is a tool to help me succeed.

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