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Band Surgery in 2014

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  • 3 months later...


It has been 2 months since my surgery, I haven't lost a pound. I am able to eat pretty much anything, but the nurses are only letting me get 0.5 cc per month per fill. I have had 2 fills so far..so around 4/4.5 cc in a 10 cc band.

I am starting to get very frustrated and worried its not going to work for me. I am thinking of paying out of pocket another fill doctor to put 2 more cc's so I can have quicker results. Has anyone felt this way after 2 months has anyone not lost a pound at 4 to 4.5 cc's...need some encouragement big time....

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This subject drives me nuts. A lot of American doctors do their fills this way. Why? I have several ideas, but I can't go there. I don't know where you had your band surgery done and I don't know how much a fill would cost you out of pocket. But, I'd seriously consider looking at having someone else do your fills. If you do decide to try a different doctor, find one that does the fill with a barium swallow at the same time. The OCC does their fills using this procedure. Using the barium during the fill procedure lets the doctor see if you have restriction while injecting the saline into the band.

Otherwise, play the fill game with your doctor and insurance and eventually you will get to the point you'll have restriction.

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