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13 week post op, not feeling good

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Just past my 13 week post op plication, was doing great till this week.

Started with pain in my upper back and upper abdominal nausea, with tenderness to touch.

The back pain has gone, the nausea comes and goes.

I'm trying to get into a local bariatric surgeon here, unsure what else to do? I really want a scope done to make sure everything's ok.

I feel that everything's ok, but back of my mind had me worried.


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Hey Girl,

I don't know if you remember me, but we had surgery the same day. Sorry to hear you're not feeling great. I had the same kind of pain at the beginning. My family doctor said it was because I was breaking down fat so quickly and I wasn't drinking enough water. Not sure if yours would be the same. Let me know if you hear what it is! Hope you feel better soon!

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Wish my notifications would work when I got replays. Sorry I never replied sooner

Turns out I had that nasty Stomach virus. It was a 2 pack combo, I only got the gastrointestinal, yuck oh!

Since then I've been great. I'm at 50 lb weight loss, sort of slowed down, trying to get back onto a routine now.

Cody I sent you a private message. Can't wait to hear from you.

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