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road to OCC

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So I was suppose to arrive at 3:18 pm in San Diego and relax at the marriot hotel before my surgery tomorow, but instead I'm waiting at the phoenix airport for another 4 hours because i missed my connecting flight! This day has been shitty so far, missed my connecting flight at JFK, and now at phoenix, thanks US airway. i was so frustrated i started crying lol felt stupid for a moment but now i can laugh about it. I even thought it was a sign from god that I was not suppose to get the surgery!

Well, half of the road is done, can't turn around and return to Canada. I suppose to arrive at 9pm in San Diego now (6h later!), don't even know if the driver will pick me up, still waiting for an answer.

So that's a bad start for me, i was already so stressed about the surgery, didn't need this at all. I will keep you posted.

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