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5 mths post op questions???

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I am 5 months post op, I am always so scared that I have stretched my pouch. I feel as though I can eat more then I could a couple months ago. Is this normal? Although I can still go all day with out feeling hungry really, I just feel like I'm always eating to much. It's so tricky!!

How easy is it to strech ur stomach anyways. Any advice would be great. I'm kind of maintaining these days going up and down a few lbs. total loss so far 40 lbs. hoping to loose 20 more.

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Yes you can overeat. I would use a small cup to measure out your food each time you eat. I think the 5 times a day that is recommended plus two snacks might be a bit much unless you are really able to keep on a schedule. Since you are going up and down, it is an indication you are on a plateau. Cut back one meal and go back to the liquids for that meal. I don't know what you are eating but I would stick to light foods.

By the way, your picture of you shows how great you look.

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