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5months post op

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I am 5 months post op, I am always so scared I have strechted my stomach. How easy is it to have that happen. I feel like I am able to eat more then I could a couple months ago. Is that normal?

I still rarley get a hungry feeling but when i do eat I always feel as though I eat to much.

Any advice or thoughts??

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I think being able to eat more than you could at 3 months is normal. Your stomach is still healing and changing. I am 10 months out and have thought the same thing. As far as how easy it is to stretch your stomach........that's a good question. I suppose if you do things you aren't supposed to like drink while you eat, drink carbonated beverages or over eat, it will eventually happen. I think it takes some effort to accomplish this! It's not one sip of Diet Coke, or eating too much in a few meals but continued bad choices! I didn't get hungry for a long time but it has returned a little.

As far as eating too much, if you stop when you feel you are full and not stuffed that's good! Don't try to get a few more bites down. I know it's easier said than done.

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