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How does the sleeve work to help you lose weight

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Question for people who have the sleeve....

I understand the basic concept of how the sleeve helps you to lose weight by restriction in that it makes you feel full with a small amount of food

My question is--as a non WL person, I can eat a reasonable amount of food and feel full biput it doesn't stop me from continuing to eat--so how does the sleeve help you overcome this problem?

Can someone with the sleeve describe how you actually feel when you get to that point and you have the sleeve and what happens when you take that next bite of food when you know you are full and do not need another bite--do you feel sick, do you just feel so full that you actually can't eat another bite? Or, do you just feel so satisfied with a small amount of food that you just don't care about that extra bite?

I am trying to understand how the sleeve works in REAL life when faced with the issues that got you overweight to begin with.

I am scared to spend the money on the surgery only to find that I can trick my way around the tool or that there is a high possibility that the sleeve just won't help me at all

I had the band in us, self paid, spent so much money and it did absolutely nothing for me--feel hopeless all over again!!

Thank you

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When you take that next bite of food and feel pain. I mean Pain double over pain the only thing that will take that last bite of pain away is throwing up if you body hasn't already just done it itself. You have to walk around and around as tall as you can stand pain to try to make more room.

I guess I can explain it also the feeling of eating thanksgiving meal and then you eat more and didn't stop when you already felt you were going to burst, NO one ever does this. It can be hard to judge what just one more bite can do to you till you have this surgery and then you know and find out real fast what your limits are and what your new full feeling is.

This surgery is a TOOL it is nothing magical. Your stomach does relax in time and you can eat more. I am two years out and someways feel I can eat like a normal person. Like a whole yogurt in a sitting. As I sit here now typing this eating my chobani yogurt some days I can finish it others I just can't because if I did I would have the feeling like i stated above, who wants to feel that. There seems to be no rhyme or reason for what changes day to day with my tiny tummy, I think salt intake the day before might have something to do with it for me but everyone is different.

This surgery is like any other there are ways to cheat the system but in the end you would only be cheating yourself.

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