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Update April 20, 2014

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I posted the topic "So far so good." This is an update.

Since the surgery, I have not had any ill effects. In keeping with the post-op diet, I am at the start of pureed foods. My start weight at surgery on April 3, 2014, was 203 pounds. My weight this morning is 187 pounds. My goal is 163. At this rate, I'll achieve that goal mid-May. I have to say this was the best decision I made.

I might stay on the full liquid diet a bit longer just to get through the 180s range of pounds. At the rate I am shedding weight, this should be for ten days. I have been adding protein powder to my Ensure drink from Costco. I have also been taking liquid probiotics and liquid vitamins added to by Crystal light water. I have also been taking the medications prescribed (except the pain medication since I had no pain). Other than that, everything is going fine.

For those thinking about this surgery, I can say I do not regret it at all.

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