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Second update since April 3, 2014 surgery

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I've posted on here before. On April 3, 2014, I was 203 pounds with a bmi of 29.1 (just short of going into obese territory. I am 49 years old and decided I didn't want to stay this way. No amount of dieting (I am vegetarian anyway) or exercising seemed to work. Had the surgery on April 3, 2014. It is now May 20, 2014. My weight is 172 pounds and my bmi is now 24.7, inside the normal weight range. My goal weight is 163, so I have nine more pounds.

I've started introducing scrambled eggs into my food intake, although for the most part I have stayed with liquids (clear and a little thicker). I have also started on Greek yogurt. I do have to say that when I eat a bit too much (I actually use a prep cup for the amount I eat), my stomach tells me it was too much. Hope this inspires someone to consider the surgery and to keep at it after the surgery.

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