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Plication Surgery in July

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I just had plication surgery on July 2nd. Have a couple of questions for anyone who is willing to share. When I left home my weight was 217. When I got to the clinic the next day they said it was 212 which is what I was supposed to be down to but did not make it. I was surprised by this but excited. I got back home yesterday and got on the scale and it said 217.5. UGH......I have had nothing but water, crystal light, chicken broth, a 4 ounce protein shake today and just started on liquid yogurt.

I have read where people have said that it is water gain from the IV but that has been out since Thursday. Very discouraged any insight would be much appreciated.

Also if there is anyone else who had the plication around the same time and would like to keep in touch on our progress that would be great.


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