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Is my Band tight enough

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Hi there

I am 11 weeks post op and had my 1st fill a week ago, but am finding i am getting hungry after a small suggested meal, is this normal or do I need another fill. I have lost 39pounds but nothing for about a month. When will I start losing again. I dont feel that I am over eating, I am also terrified that as I am eating a little more I will start to regain some weight.



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Hi Gaynor. Have you called Dr. Martinez? He's the one to really ask as he did the fill, right? Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks for a fill to "kick in", that just happened to me. Hope you feel fuller soon! Also, you might be losing inches and not weight. That happens a lot, especially to men who are exercising more.

Also, 39 lbs in 11 weeks is totally amazing! Your body might just be taking a break...it's not good to lose too much too fast. Hope some of this helps. Take care.

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Hi Gaynor,

If you have not lost in a month and feel you are able to eat more but are still somewhat following the rules with protein first, water, etc..then it may be time for a fill. That is what I use for a guide for my fills. Who did your first fill? How much of a fill did you get?

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