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Follow up after surgery

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My daughter is seriously considering GSP. If there are any complications following surgery or in the future, will Dr's in the US see her? I have heard that because you have surgery done in Mexico they will not treat you. Can anyone answer this for my peace of mind?

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It is against federal law for any public hospital to turn away a patient. Most hospitals have a bariatric surgeon on the books. GSP is also starting to gain popularity among U.S. doctors as an alternative to GSV and is being studied to gain approval from the FDA as an appropriate form of WLS within the US. If your daughter has any complications, you'll likely take her to an emergency room anyways so she should be safe.

From what I have researched, the doctors at OCC are highly regarded within the bariatric community and have gained recognition within the US. I've also read from many posters that they will talk to you about any complications. I would imagine that Dr. Ortiz would be happy to consult with whomever you're daughter would have to see in an emergency situation.

It's just a fact of life that complications are going to happen to a small percentage of patients in any surgery situation. I firmly believe that the docs at OCC are well practiced and highly competent at their surgical skills, perhaps more so than any US doctor could be at this time. You should set up a talk with an OCC doctor to make sure you'll be able to have open communication should problems arise.

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