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Convincing my spouse....

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As of now I haven't scheduled a surgery or anything else for that matter as I still need to discuss this with my wife. I feel like I've already made up my mind but I have no idea how to tell her right now.

A little history....

I'm a 34 year old male that had a heart attack and triple bypass at 31. I've asked my Cardiologist and she thinks I am a great candidate for the surgery, especially since I've been over weight my entire life and dieting and exercise just don't work. Fast forward to today and my wife and I have a newborn son, just 5 weeks old, and I feel more now than ever that I need to lose this weight so that he can grow up with a father. I lost my own father when he was 42 because of similar build and health history.

I think the biggest obstacle that I will have with my wife is the finances.

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