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Platic Surgery done by Dr Medina Sanchez Nov 2014


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Just wanted to let everybody know what great Surgeon Dr Medina Sanchez is. Had Breast-lift, and skin removal from breast and arms done . It was a 8 hour surgery because of the extensive excess skin. I lost 200 pounds and with that comes a lot of extra skin. Thank You Dr Ortiz for my Sleeve.....changed my life. I am 4 weeks out and everything is healing well and I am already planning to go back in march for my hips and belly. I could never have gotten the same service in the US that i got from Dr Medina. If anybody is scared of going to mexico for Surgery, don't. Dr Medina really cares about his patients and takes the time to do it right.

OCC and Ariel Center is 5 minutes from San Diego. Very safe and great staff. I will post pictures later from before and after, haven't figured out yet how to post them.

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