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My sleeve and lost 200pounds /July 2013

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After researching different Doctors in different Countries. [Luxembourg, Belgium, US, Mexico].

Dr. Ortiz credentials are the best. I could not have asked for a better surgeon. He shows Care and concern and his kills as a surgeon is amazing. He has great personality.

I had surgery on Jul 12, 2013. With Dr Ortiz and Dr Martinez. This surgery was a great experience, I never had pain and was walking 1 hour after surgery. I truly believe this surgery is better here, then anywhere in the US. I am telling everyone about my great experience and results and truly believe this is were you get the best surgery.I lost a total of 200 pounds in less than 2 years because of the sleeve and the help it gives you. It really is a great tool to a new lifestyle.

Now I am ready for my new life and new body. Anyone considering Weight lose Surgery, please research Dr Ariel Ortiez and Dr Arturo Martinez from OCC. They really are exceptional in there jobs.

I am happy, I am healthy and I am enjoying the life I always wanted.

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