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My OCC Experience


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I have been overweight for as long as I can remember. My mom started putting me on diets at about 8 and asking the doctor at every visit what she needed to do to help me lose weight. (Don't do that to your kids!) In high school I was about 185 when a teacher told me she was doing the Atkins diet and I should try it. I lost to about 135 and gradually gained back up to over 300 pounds. Around 2003 my friend and I did Weight Watchers. I lost 69.5 pounds and then Katrina happened...and stress happened...and the weight came back. In March 2014 (when I decided to look into weight loss surgery again) I was 322 pounds. My insurance would not pay for it (regardless of medical necessity). I was pouting on a Facebook group when someone suggested I look into Mexico. I thought she was crazy. She suggested I do my research...so I did.

I decided to go to OCC. I had a friend who said she went to California for her surgery because "it was cheaper." I messaged her and told her nothing was cheaper in California and asked if she flew to San Diego and went to Mexico. She admitted she had gone to a place called Obesity Control Center. That was just confirmation to me that I had made the right decision. Then I met someone on Facebook who convinced me it would be cheaper to go through the doctor she used and I put a deposit with him instead since she was going with me. After that I never felt that same peace. I believe you get what you pay for and cheaper isn't everything. Eventually I realized I needed to make my own decision. I just was not comfortable with her doctor having so much less experience. I cancelled with him, and made my appointment with OCC. Everything was right with the world again.

I spoke to the nutritionist and she wanted me to get my BMI below 50 before surgery. It was late March and I had started in mid-March on my own. My BMI then was 57. Surgery was May 30 and on that day my BMI was 49 (weight 281). Everything went smoothly...like a well oiled machine. Intake was paperwork, nutritionist, blood work, EKG. I was the last surgery for the day so I got my IV in my room. The December before I had a colonoscopy and the nurse had to stick me SIX times. At OCC the nurse got it on the first try. Dr. Ortiz came in and talked to me. He was surprised I was not nervous. I told him I had done my research and knew there was nothing to worry about. Since you don't get a catheter you go to the restroom before surgery. Walking into the OR was different, but I got to see how clean everything was. I climbed up on the table and the room started spinning and next thing I knew I was being wheeled back into my room.

Enjoy the Directv while you can because it will be the last English speaking TV you see for a while! You won't have much time for it though because as soon as you wake up it will be time to go. We got dressed, got our meds, and were taken back to the Marriott. Their internet is SLOOOWWW! HINT: Bring some DVDs and borrow a DVD player from the Marriott or bring a book! The Marriott is like a little bariatric surgery convention. Many doctors send their patients there. You will have plenty of people to talk to even if you go alone.

Surgery was on Friday, the drain was removed on Monday. I got to see an x ray of my stomach after drinking a little barium right before the drain was removed. I never had any gas pain at all. Once the drain was removed I was home free. As soon as I got home I brought my "help" home and never looked back. I am now at 213 (109 pounds down) but it has only been 6 1/2 months. Since I am older (52) the loss has been a little slower but I will keep doing what has been working so far.

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This week I'm down here in TJ having Hiatial Hernia repair. Things are going great so far, and I don't expect any different. Everyone at the OCC has been above and beyond in the professialism and hospitality department. I wish to make a comment concerning the OCC's new van driver Omar. The OCC has really picked a winner here. Omar has taken this position to a new level. He's the first person your going to meet when you arrive in San Diego. He's very friendy and professional, the van is very clean and nice looking. Omar is a great asset to the OCC team.

So far my surgery and stay in TJ has been great. I couldn't ask for anything more which the OCC hasn't done already. I hope everyone that comes to the OCC has this kind of experiance and the OCC maintains this level of service to all of its patients.

I have also noticed something different in TJ. It seems that this town has stepped up its image and I've noticed that it's much friendlier and cleaner that the last time I was here. I hope this tread continues.

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