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Vegetarians getting adequate protein?

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Hi everyone,

I am brand new to this forum. I'm trying to find as much information as possible before deciding to get sleeved. Here is my major concern: as a vegetarian, I don't eat very much protein. It was actually when I became a vegetarian that I started to gain weight because all I seem to eat is carbs now. I also do not drink milk, eat eggs, yogurt or cottage cheese. I have no idea how I would be able to get enough protein in my diet after the surgery. A person can only drink so many protein shakes before they go crazy. Has anyone else had this dilemma or know of another vegetarian who did okay with a sleeve? Thanks in advance!!

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Beans, nuts, shakes would be it for you it sounds like then. That would be hard I don't know any very strict vegetarians I have a aunt and uncle that have been vegetarian for years but my aunt had to start eating seafood to get her weight under control.

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Boogirl- I think that proceeding forward should be done only if you experiment first. Try eating a diet of only proteins that you will eat. Get 70-100 grams of it daily for a few weeks and see if you can life with it. Do you like tofu? Do you like veggie "meats" made from soy and tofu? You don't have to answer to me, but what is the reason for the aversion to eggs and milk- both can be purchased from local farms if you want to make sure animals were humanely treated. If you can't tolerate the digestion of these, then I would think twice and seek other vegetarians who have already done it to see if it is something you could live with - forever. Nuts are a protein source, but a high calorie one and a food that in my early research seems to be used mainly for those who need to stop weight loss and maintain.

Best wishes,


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