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What to do the day before surgery

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I guess it depends on which side of the border your staying on. On the San Diego side, SD Zoo, Sea World, The Midway aircraft museum, etc. Food places, Phil's BBQ, In N Out burgers and several places that have been mentioned on the Food Network.

I personally have done the Zoo and the Midway aircraft carrier museum. Both are located in downtown SD. I highly recommend Phil's BBQ for a last meal, it's located near Sea World.

San Diego has a great Mass Transit system, get a day pass and go almost anywhere.

On the TJ side, I don't know much of anything to do. There's Revolution Ave (lots of MX tourist shops with lots of junk), which isn't too far from the OCC, but it's a good walk from the Marriott, Be Safe, I suggest a taxi. There's several Malls, one is just a couple blocks South of the Marriott. You could walk the Ave of the Hero's, which starts real close to the OCC and runs to the hotel Lucerna. Ave of the Heros has several drive arounds with large statues in the middle of them. There's a mall a couple blocks from the OCC. You'd have to talk to the staff at the OCC to get a better handle on what to do in TJ.

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