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New me after losing 230 pounds and Plastic Surgery


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I have finally reached my goal at 148 pounds , 2 years after sleeve operation with Dr.Ortiz.

I also had Arm and Breast lift and skin removal in November . Followed by a belt-Lipectomy in March and Exstended Thigh lift and Upper Eye Lid Surgery in June.

All Plastic Surgeries were done by Dr Medina Sanchez at Ariel Center or OCC in Tijuana, he is the Chief of Plastic Surgery . My Results are amazing and I had no complications. There are before and after pictures in my profile Gallery. If you are looking into Plastic surgery After weight loss, I highly Recommend Dr Medina.

After dramatic weight loss you are faced with Loose skin. Yes, I will have scars, but they are worth it. And they become a very fine line that you can almost not see anymore. Well worth the results. The surgeries were painless for me.Your mobility is limited for the first 2 weeks and you find out how hard it is to get out of bed when you cant use your abs. Or how difficult it is to bend over and pick things from the floor. I was walking and doing normal activities within 2 weeks of surgery. We all heal differently, and i healed quickly. I did use compression garments because they do help with swelling and protect the scaring. I wore them each time for 4 weeks.

I love my Plastic Surgery results. I made me more confident, I feel good about myself, I enjoy a lot more of what life has to offer. I can go out in public without feeling that people are looking at me differently.I am healthy. I love traveling and now I can fit easily and comfortable in a middle seat on the plane. And after 30 years of hiding I bought a bikini, that I will proudly wear this summer at age 50. I have rediscovered myself. Thank you Dr Medina Sanchez, Dr Ortiz and the staff at OCC for your help on my life journey . It has been a wonderful experience.

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