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Cosmetic surgery

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Wondering if anyone has returned to the Ariel center for a body lift? Curious about pricing.

There has been a lot of patients that have used the Ariel Center for various plastic surgery procedures. Some are very open and may contact you with their experiences. As far as pricing goes, contact Ora at the Ariel Center, her phone number is 866-376-7849 ext 85. I personally had a LBL done in 2008 at another plastic surgery center and had all kinds of complications. When Dr. Medina came on board with the Ariel Center, I had him look at my issues and he was able to repair my LBL. I was amazed that he could "fix me". Being a volunteer moderator here at the Forum, I can say that I haven't heard any complaints about Dr. Medina or the Ariel Center. Everyone raves about the quality of his plastic surgery skills and his professionalism. Plus,, he comes across as a really nice guy.

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