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Sleeve Pre-OP

Apple Blossom

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I'm on the pre-op to the pre-op for band to sleeve surgery next month. This means Atkins until I reach the liquid phase. I actually appreciate this phase because I feel like it's going to ease me into the liquid phase more gently. I am steadily losing a nice amount of weight and my abdomen is deflating. I carry a lot of weight in the highest part of my abdomen which is right where surgery will take place so it feels especially important to me to comply. I want a flawless surgery.

When I move to the liquid phase I know I will be much more hungry and challenged. My idea between now and then are to pick out some Pinterest projects to complete. My kids are nearly grown, ages 14-20. The first project is to create timelines with beautiful photos of their accomplishments on a wall in our "hang out room". This should take quite a bit of time because I have hundreds of photos and digital images to go through. I'll have to get larger prints made, purchase frames and possibly decorate some of them, etc. I know I will need to be more involved in doing something with free time to help keep the urge to eat under control.

Is there anybody else in one of these phases that wants to share what they did or are doing to trudge through the hunger successfully?


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