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Considering OCC in fall 2016


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I am seriously considering surgery at OCC because I do not qualify in the US. My Bmi is 31, however it might as well be 51. I am so uncomfortable in my own skin that I need to do something. Excercise, dieting and food logging isn't getting me out of the obese category!

My questions:

Does the hospital at OCC abide by the same or similar standards as US hospitals?

Is it inspected by a team to make certain that it's up to par? How often?

How do I know I will be getting the gastric sleeve that was agreed upon?

Following surgery, how can they tell if there is no leakage?

OCC's & Dr. Ariel Ortiz have outstanding marketing. How do I know for sure that they are legitimate?

Is the sleeve surgery safe for older females? I am 58 and I see blogs from much younger people.

Does the staff speak English ?

What happens if my pre-op lab work doesn't pass the day before surgery?

How many days should I plan for surgery before flying home?

I appreciate your responses.


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